Monday, July 7, 2008


Finally, finally finished-you all did not really think I was taking a vacation did you? Although there were a few days of thumb twiddling after the computer crashed until I realized I had more time to sew!

There are more changes coming but the bare bones are up and running. Check it out here -->

Posts and events previous to today 7/7/2008 are located at the 'old' blog

VERY IMPT: Once you are a registered forum member please check the 'A Place for Everyone' board and make sure your group and contact information are included and updated.When the computer crashed and then I had to shut down the old site the updated information was lost and it defaulted back to info from a year ago.

Website updates and changes to come include:

**Ability to create your own personal blog through Wordpress, if you do not have one already this is your chance to start one. Does not have to be publicly accessible.

**Paid banner Ads and other forms of advertising spaces will be available on the main pages, the forums and the soon to come webcasting 'NM Homeschool News Network'. Banner ads can ONLY be for educational related businesses, all other homeschool businesses can go to the 'Work It Wednedays' Every Day forum. (This could change but I would like to give education related businesses first choice.)

**NM Homeschool News Network--Still need interested teens to both report and create web-newscasts. Have an interested teen? Qualifications: have a web cam, an interest, moderate computer skills and familiarity with the internet,access to a digital camera and/or digital recorder; be able to work independently; have the permission of your parents--it will take as much or as little time as you have or want to give--if you want to help in some way we will find something you are intersted in working on.

**FAQ section on using the forum.

**Homeschool terminology glossary.

**Social groups within the main forum.

**Photos in your signature.

And so much more---have a suggestion or comment please post it to the appropriate forum if you are registered and if not send me an email


1.) You have to register-ALL new members do have to be approved by the moderator. Guests will not have access to the forums. If you are already on the yahoo group or the email list just let me know so your approval can go through quicker.

At this time ONLY homeschoolers or those considering homeschooling can become members. Businesses/entities not owned by a homeschooling family are not allowed to be members of this forum-please continue to send your events to my email In the future I will have it set so that you can become a member and only be able to post to the events/business boards.

2.) Start posting in the various forums. Use 'New Topic' or 'Reply'

To have your event added to the calendar-post your event, go back and click on the topic, at the bottom it says 'Link to Calendar' and you just enter in the date of your event as well as the Title. This will then allow a user to see the event on the calendar and link to the orginal post. For events with mulitple dates please go directly to the calendar feature!

3) Even your tweens/teens have a space! Have them register with their own user account (parent approval will be required under 14) and they can use the forum. Guests can not see their forum and I am trying to figure out how to set it so that only teens and their parents can view it but for now all registered members can view so make sure they are versed in internet safety.

4.) Go to your forum profile information. Get a cool avatar or upload your own. Set your profile. Set your signature. Even upload pictures to your own personal gallery.

5.) You will no longer receive emails from me, everything will go through the forum BUT you can change the settings so that you will receive notices of new topics to your email account. I apologize, I know some of you really liked getting a ton of emails from me but that is part of the reason this forum had to be created so quickly because the number of members & emails I am receiving has exceeded the ability to get all the information out to the community.

And most importantly add your own resources, communicate and share!

Have fun homeschooling!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

CA Hearing Update, 6/25

In Defense of Homeschooling
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Sometimes homeschooling advocates are a little over zealous in their defense of homeschooling; as a result, they potentially do more harm than good. Such might have been the case when the LA Times captured this quote from Rev. Wiley Drake at the appellate court rehearing regarding homeschooling in California.

"The Bible, our legal document, says the family is required to educate children based on the Scriptures," Drake said. "We're against government schooling in any form. People who put their kids in public school probably should be arrested."
If the LA Times quoted him accurately, this is exactly the sort of statement that the moonbats on the left like to use to portray homeschoolers as wingnuts that need to be regulated in order to protect our children from becoming wingnuts. Thankfully, Drake was outside the courtroom on Monday.

However, Debbie Schwarzer, Legal Co-Chair of the Homeschooling Association of California, was inside the courtroom and recapped the day's events,

Read more at the link above.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

McCain and his take on Education 2008 Campaign

Another homeschool mom sent this link through....This is just a synopsis of quotes from McCain on his views on Education. If you have articles on any other candidate's comments as they relate to homeschooling please email them to me.

CA Court to Reconsider Ruling, Decision in 90 Days

Yeah I know I said I would not send emails but this one is important. Do not panic and go into a campaign of fear that homeschoolers will get their rights taken away in CA I fully believe that cooler heads will prevail. The teachers unions will NEVER like homeschoolers EVER, they will NEVER agree with a family's choice to educate our children. They think every teacher should be credentialed because it is business to them, they are threatened that we as homeschool parents are downplaying or belittling all the hard work they did in going through school to get their degree. And we all know that if every child were to attend the schools in their district that they would be more overtaxed than they already are...that being said we ALL need to be alert and aware of subtle efforts by those in politics to restrict our freedom as parents to have educational choices for our children--remember the teachers unions to not generally support private, charter or vouchers either but these too work in some cases and areas and give parents the freedom to have choices which is what it is all about anyway. When I hear more I will send the information onward.
Here in NM let us continue to homeschool our children, creating life learners, whose own efforts of learning, athletics, performing arts, etc.,etc. be the 'proof in the pudding' of the SUCCESS of homeschooling.


CA Court to reconsider ruling
Monday, June 23, 2008
The California Court of Appeals is set today to reconsider their ruling that required home educators to have a teaching credential in order to teach their children at home. The hearing pits the California teachers union against the governor and homeschool advocates across the state.

The most notable dissenter was the 330,000-member California Teachers Association, the state's largest teachers union. While insisting that it does not challenge the right of parents to homeschool their children, the association argued that state law requires in-home teachers to be credentialed.

Read more at the link to her blog

Monday, June 23, 2008

NMHSC Going on a Computer Enforced Break

I will be back in a week!

OK so the computer crashed taking all my info from the fair and contacts with big deal really...turns out Windows is most likely corrupted so have to go and get my hard drive info taken out before reinstalling Windows.

Through all this I have been working on a NEW IMPROVED REALLY COOL BETTER FUNCTIONING website and way of sharing information and resource around our beautiful state.

So since I have to work on the really slow computer (don't let it hear me it might decide it needs a vacation too) I am going to basically take a break for a week or so from sending out emails. If there are priority ones that need to go out I will still be able to check my mail but basically I am just going to get the new site up and running so that we can just jump into that....wait till you see what I have in store, so exciting! This means that my 'thank yous' that usually go out to vendors from the fair will slowly get done as I find that information again--SIGH technology makes life easier AND harder.

Basically the new website will have forums, calendar, blogging capabilities and really cool webcasts from around NM and beyond and oh so many more online capabilities! Oh yes and if you have a business you will be able to have ads up on the website!! One central location, more exposure, easier access!

Our numbers have grown into the thousands and it is harder for me to answer everyone's emails personally so I am seeing the need for a larger space where our community can really connect.

If you would still like to donate go to the website and hit the Paypal button or email me and I will send you my mailing info. All the monies will go to keeping this community running--and I am doing everything I can to keep it free and/or low cost!

My priority is making sure that we as homeschoolers in New Mexico are able to connect with other homeschoolers and find resources in our community. No matter which way you choose to life your life, raise your family or educate your children we all need connections we all need a community.

I am so blessed to have you all in our world...I can not imagine a better place to give the gift of life long learning to my children. New Mexico is the example of successful homeschooling and I feel that we are leading the way for others in the future!

So on that note I will 'talk' to most of you in a week!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tijeras: WILDFEST 2008

Talking Talons Youth Leadership, U.S Forest Service, Department of Health, and Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots are teaming up to bring you WILDFEST 2008! This event is July 26, 2008 at Roosevelt Middle School, from 10:00am-4:00pm. The venue is located within the beautiful Sandia Mountains right of Rt. 66. Learn about Hawks, Falcons, Owls, Bats, and even Reptiles. Come experience teachings about your very own environment, wildlife, and conservation acts. Enjoy the entertainment of magicians, musicians, and even some wonderful balloon rides. The entry fee for this event is $3 for adults, $2 for youth ages 5-12, and free for youth under 5 years of age. For more details call 281-1133 ext 5#, or visit

Come for the fun but stay for the adventure!

Here is the Home school newsletter info thanks for your help!


Ariel Dunlap

Talking Talons Youth Leaderhip Health Educator